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Ka'rie Meadows

You hear no sounds and see no other paths that you could take once you appear in this new meadow. The only thing you notice a blue equine with a flame-colored mane and tail.

The mare eyes you carefully, ears flicking back and forth.
"Hello traveler. I am De'lae." the mare says softly. "I hope the day is treating you well."
You smile and nod.
"Nice to have met you, I must be off." De'lae says, dipping her head.

You wait for a bit longer, then turn off to leave when a thumping of hooves behind you makes you turn around again. A large jade colored Karina stallion gallopes into view. His mane flutters in the breeze as he runs, then he stops. He looks in your direction but does not venture closer. Slowly, he tilts his head quizzically at you, then moves closer.
"Who are you Humi?" the stallion askes, which you promptly reply. He nods and stomps a hoof.
"I am Te'Nai, a birthday gift from my creator Blue Mist. I believe it is customary to exhange presents when two people have the same birthday."
The stallion nickers and dips his head.
"I must be off, I have much to do." Without another word, he melts into the forest.

You sigh and turn around, only to see yet another karina. This one is black with eeries glowing eyes. The stallion hisses, then turns into the forest, leaving a bunny behind. The bunny scratches an ear, then bounces after the stallion. Somehow, you think you can hear the name Ra'hawken being whispered to you.

It looks as though all the inhabitants of this area have moved off so you decide you should do the same.

Adopt a Ka'rie

The ka'rie are (c) to BlueMist and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.