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You are dropped unceremoniously into an open field-type area, heady with the scent of flowers and plant life, landing in a non-flowering bush near the center. The bush saves you from bruising your rear, but scratches your exposed skin with harsh thorns and branches. How luck you are, to land in a rose bush instead of something more forgiving. You painfully extract yourself from the grasping branches and piercing thorns of the bush, hissing and biting your tounge with each prick. Once free, you sit down a fair distance away from the bush and proceed to dab at your wounds with scraps of your shirt. You're too busy nursing your wounds to notice a small, palm-sized creature with glossy, transparent wings hovering near your ear. You only notice it when it pretty much lands on top of your head and starts rooting around in your hair. o.o;
Teili, Considered Male
The feeling of some unknown creature nesting in your hair is something you've never really experienced before, so you're at a loss for words. Instead, you just sit there, letting the creature tromp back and forth over your head.

After several minutes, the creature finally gets bored and flits off your head, content to zing around you a few times before halting right in front of your eyes. You and the creature, an abefae you know realize, stare at each other eye-to-eye for a second or two before it gives a shrill YIP and bites you square on the nose. You fall backwards, covering your face with your hands, feeling very much violated by such a small animal. The abefae, however, does not seem to care much of your feelings, because it proceeds to dive down at your face once more, nipping at your ears, all the while barking and yipping like a tiny lapdog. To make matters worse, you can hear more tones of barking adding to the general ruckus, implying that you're gathering the attention of other abefae in the gardens. When you take a chance to remove your hands from your face, you see two more of the abefae zipping over your face, seemingly barking orders at each other.
Nirna, Considered FemaleQuima, Considered Male
You try to drag yourself to the nearest source of cover, which happens to be a bush just behind your head. As you crawl nearer, the abefae freak out more and start biting you HARD. You throw up your hands to try and bat them away, but they evade your swings with agility matching that of any flying insect. After much dragging and swatting, you dart behind the bush and try to gather your thoughts. Only once you're settled do you notice a timid looking abefae sitting in the depths of the bush. You silently will the little abefae to keep quiet but you can tell the little one is feeling more and more threatened as you sit there. As you raise your finger to your lips to try and convey your wish, the abefae lets out a bloodcurdling screech.
Ishi (Pebble), Considered Female
Instantly, the little green abefae is back and in your face, barking and yelping, diving at your eyes. He's flanked by a pair of younger abefae who have joined his ranks in order to drive you away.
Taisei (Blackish Blue), Considered FemaleIppan (Spot), Considered Male
You shriek and try to scramble away, tripping and thrashing through the flowers the choke your escape route. This continues for some time, until you find yourself on the edge of the garden, full of mud and plant life. Ugh. Next time, bring bug spray.

Abefae Gardens

The abefae are (c) to BlueMist and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.