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Fei'daqq Meadows

You only walk a few yards before you catch a glimpse of a gold and black mare that is looking up at the tree canopy. She hears you coming but doesn't look over.
"Greetings. I'm Tikebax'Biuzza."

Name: Tikebax'Biuzza
Translation: Honey Bee
Species: Fei'daqq
Gender: Female
Chatqui: Moon and Rain
Parents: Solrati-quazti'Treavion X Oijaxilm'Derzac

"And I am Tcest'Xion'Henulja," another voice remarks as a white, green, and blue mare steps into view. "What ever are you looking at, Tikebax?"

Name: Tcest'Xion'Henulja
Translation: First Spring Growth
Species: Fei'daqq
Gender: Female
Chatqui: Rain and Ground
Parents: Unknown

"Oh, nothing. Just bored," the older mare remarks, now looking down to wink at you quickly. The green and white mare snorts a little, brow narrowed in suspision.
"If you say so," Tcest'Xion'Henulja says grumpily, turning and disappearing into the forest. Tikebax giggles.
"It just drives her crazy when others know more of what is going on than she does. I knew she was watching me so I was pretending to have a keen interest on something in the tree. There isn't anything there." Tikebax giggles at her wit, flicking her tail.

More figures approach.

The Forest of Entiquou

The Fei'daqq are (c) to Aylura and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.