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Fei'daqq Meadows

The path leads you to a large mare that has a reddish/white tail. She hears you coming before she can actually see you.
"Greetings. We were told you were just passing through...?" The mare asks quietly, pausing in her grazing. You nod.
"Indeed. I am Jameteyr'tw'Aton...Veihysix'Vanarr should be here somewhere."

Name: Jameteyr'tw'Aton
Translation: Dancer of Autumn
Species: Fei'daqq
Gender: Female
Chatqui: Dance and Wind
Parents: Unknown

"I am here." A dark figure moves into your sight.
"I am Veihysix'Vanarr." The stallion bows. As he does so, you realize how much he looks like Jameteyr. You inquire is there is a relationship between them.
Veihysix'Vanarr shakes his head. "No. Not that we know of."

Name: Veihysix'Vanarr
Translation: Falling Dust
Species: Fei'daqq
Gender: Male
Chatqui: Rain and Ground
Parents: Unknown

Jameteyr chuckles.
"Don't worry, you're not the first nor the last to ask that question."

You nod, still feeling rather sheepish. The stallion looks down the path.
"Perhaps you'd like to move on. You've yet to meet the others."

You nod again, taking the path deeper into the forest.

The Forest of Entiquou

The Fei'daqq are (c) to Aylura and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.