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Melcey Meadows

You are dropped into a meadow with tall grass, just in front of a set of melcey.
"About time someone came around here..." one of the creatures says. She eyes you critically, her emerald green fur rippling as she paces slightly.
"I'm Sasua, a melcey. Those two over there are Xenti and Venx." The green melcey nods to the other two who eye you curiously but don't get up.
Sasua, Female, Sky, Emestek x SureanaXenti, Female, Sky, Nitesh x WateshaVenx, Female, Fire, Relelis x Zephyr
"Ah well...there aren't anymore of us around here're wasting your time."
The melcey trio scampers away, leaving you alone.

Purple Savannah

The Melvey are (c) to Arborwin and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.