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Chevei Meadows

The portal nearly drops you on a large blue equine of some kind, then zings away. The equine trys to bite you and stomps a hoof.
"Watch where you're going!" the equine says in a distinctive female voice.
You apologize to the mare, rubbing your arm where she managed to nip your skin. "You should be sorry, clumsy travelers who just feel like invading whereever they please."
It's obvious that the mare is not going to readily accept your apology.
Ziken, Female, Noretide x Alex'm
You shrug and look for a new portal to jump to because this Chevei mare is not good company to keep.
"What?! So now you're going to leave without a good-bye? RUDE!"

You mutter and jump into the nearest portal, disappearing just as the Chevei mare trys to kick you with a hindleg.

Chevei Adoptions

The Chevei is (c) to Arborwin and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.

Genetics for the Chevei
Ears: R, r*
Forefeet: g, g
Hindfeet: h, h
Mane: M*, M*
Tail: T*, T
Fetlocks: D, d
Mutation: S, s
Coloring: W, W*