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Aquatic Dragon Pond

You are dropped from your portal into the shore of a small pond-like water source, nearly getting soaked as your feet hit the edge of the water. A small creature with a horn on it's head pops up near the sole of your shoe and begins to inspect it curiously. It chirps, then crawls up on the shoe's toe, flagging its little mermaid-like tail lightly in the water. Another of the same species also appears but it stays in the water.
Kelp, MaleLily, Female
They chitter and chirp to each other, carrying on a conversation you can only guess at. Curiously, you reach out to touch the blue aquatic dragon but it shrieks in alarm and jumps off into the clear water. Two more aquatics appear, each shrieking indignantly at you for trying to touch the blue.
Manta, MaleSeaweed, Female
Slowly, you stand and back away from the four annoyed dragons, then back up into a portal that has just opened behind you.

MCRP Headquarters

The aquatics are (c) to Skysong and background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.