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Okea River

The portal drops you in the middle of a jungle-type scene, plunging you into a docile river. Almost instantly, you find yourself on a firm, slippery surface in the water. A head pops up to your right, a feline-like head.
"Hiya!" The voice is female in tone and seems to be coming from the cat's mouth.
"You're lucky OilSlick and I were here. You might have drowned."

At the mention of OilSlick, another head pops up, only this is attached to the mass that you seem to be sitting on. You look down through the water and see the dolphin-like body is part of this creature.
"If you'll wait a moment, we'll take you over to the shore." The voice is male-ish, gentle and assuring at the same time.

OilSlick slowly makes his way to the sandy shore, allowing you to slide off onto the dry land.

"Selva and I will be on our way now. Please be more careful next time!" OilSlick grins some, then dives down into the crystal waters. Selva follows behind him.

The EverRealm

The Okea are (c) to Myrror and background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.