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Fynnar Lake

The portal dumps you onto a small raft and zings away, leaving you to clutch onto the logs of the raft so you don't fall off. A black head pops up right in front of you, wiggling fiery colored ears.
" one of those travelers aren't you?"
The creature places it's forelegs against the side of the raft.
Gebin, Male, Hh, fe, nn, dl, ts
"I'm Gebin, perhaps you'd like to play?...."
You shake your head at his wistful question and explain that you'd rather be on dry land. He sighs sadly but brightens slightly when another fynnar approaches. This one is marked in bold silver stripes and sports lovely blue fins. The new Fynnar mutters something and paddles away, his tail sending waves of water on you.
"Eh...that's Tabbri. He doesn't like visitors much."
You sigh and wring water from your clothes.
"Well, I guess you should be on your way because there aren't any more of us around..."
You nod and hop into the next portal that opens up, hoping you don't end up someplace cold.
Tabbri, Male
Slowly, you stand and back away from the four annoyed dragons, then back up into a portal that has just opened behind you.

Mairan Lake

The Fynnar are (c) to Adlana and background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.