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Akuatzi Kennels

The portal drops you in a medium-sized room and disappears. The room reminds you of a dog kennel...there is a large pillow in the corner, several toys, and food bowls on the floor. One side of the room opens to a fenced area outside. The fencing is rather short though..surely that can't keep a canine from jumping out to it's freedom! To your surprise, you soon realize that this isn't a dog room. The thing that gives it away is the small black and white creature with lots of jewelry and tattoo-like objects on it. Not far behind the first, you notice another creature of the same species. They stop short and stare at you for a moment, then move off together out onto the grassy area outside. You shrug and read the stat plaque on the wall.

Name: Terifiti (black and white) and Gartine
ID: q005 & p005
Species: Akuatzi
Color: Tiger and Himalayan
Gender: Queen and Pharaoh
Lineage: Wild
Mutation: None

The pair have settled down in the grass, completely ignoring you. Figuring that they are the only ones in the room, you decide to move on.