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Spring Leaf Mousery

The portal gently deposits you on the floor of a small room cluttered with books and papers and a table. JadeEye is busily cleaning a mouse cage, shredded pine bedding falling to the ground as she puts it down in the cage. When she finishes, she takes three mice from a temporary cage on the floor and replaces them in their home. She notices you as she turns to put the supplies away.
"Oh, hello! Welcome to Spring Leaf Mousery. We've just established this place for the breeding and raising of mice. We don't really specialize in any type of mice at this time though we do hope to eventually breed the finest broken merle mice you can find."
She points to the row of cages.
"If you'd like, you may look at the mice we currently have here or you can look at the records."
The Cages

Adopt Your Own

The mice are (c) to DragonSpyrit and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.