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You approach a cage and peer inside. You can see four mice engaged in different activities. You want to reach in to touch the mice but a sign tacked to the wall above the cages reads: "DO NOT TOUCH"

The first in this cage is broken merle that scampers from side to side in his cage. With sunflower seed in paw, she hops up and settles down on a cardboard cube.
Mitzie, Doe, Black Eyes, Standard coat, Broken Merle
The next is a fox doe who is busily chewing on a cardboard tube. She pauses her work to go nose to nose with the female broken merle, then continues her work.
Fro, Doe, Black eyes, Curly coat, Fox
The next is a fox buck. This mouse sedately chews on a sunflower seed, not even looking up to see those visitors who admire his coat.
Aff, Buck, Black eyes, Curly coat, Fox
The last is a tan buck. He grooms himself with delicate paws, squeaking as he does so.
Chocolate, Buck, Black eyes, Standard coat, Tan
There are more cages to your left.

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The mice are (c) to DragonSpyrit and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.