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You approach a cage and peer inside. You can see four mice engaged in different activities. You want to reach in to touch the mice but a sign tacked to the wall above the cages reads: "DO NOT TOUCH"

The first in this cage is a blue point siamese doe who is grooming herself with her dainty paws. She looks up at you with her glittery black eyes, then resumes her grooming.
Velvet, Doe, Black Eyes, Standard coat, Blue Point Siamese
The next is an active broken merle doe who is scampering all over the cage. She stops for a moment in front of the cage, staring at you with beady black eyes.
Checkers, Doe, Black Eyes, Standard coat, Broken merle (grey)
The last is a broken merle buck who sits on a small cardboard box in the corner. He wiggles his whiskers, then grooms a paw.
Chess, Buck, Black Eyes, Standard coat, Broken merle (grey)
There are more cages to your left.

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The mice are (c) to DragonSpyrit and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.