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Nuembra Kennels

"You must be the traveler JadeEye messaged me about," a soft, feminine voice calls out behind you as you enter the kennel office. You turn and nod, offering a hand in greeting.
The girl takes your hand and gives you a strong handshake which surprises you, thinking the girl would not be able to give such a strong shake. She smirks, then points to herself.
"I'm Amadel, keeper of Nuembra Kennels. We don't keep ordinary dogs. We keep mal'sin and we pride ourself in our strong breeding stock and healthy litters. If you want, you can go see what we have here in the ways of adult dogs."
Male Kennel #1
Female Kennels #1
Female Kennels #2
Mixed Kennels #3

Kreedan's Pit

The Mal'sin are (c) to Kreedan and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.