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Nuembra Kennels

You open the door to the mixed kennels and walk outside along the cages. There are only two canines you can see. Carefully, you unlatch the door and step inside. They cover you with licks and skitter around you. You manage to get yourself out of the kennel before the two smother you with their bouncing and face licking. While you catch your breath, you take a moment to read the gold name plates. After a moment, you turn and make your way back to the main office.

Name: Kartenya's Torn Heart and Kartenya's Heart Breaker
Call: Torn and Breaker
ID: fm83 & ff84
Sex: Male and Female
Notes: Half heart tattoos that would join together, brindle, collar, necklace
Mutations: N/A
Uses: Breeding and Companionship
Purchased for: ????

Kreedan's Pit

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