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Nuembra Kennels

You open the door to the male kennels and walk outside along the cages. There is only one canine you can see and he's rather calm and uninterested in your presence. You crack open the door and slip inside his kennel but he makes no move towards you, nor away from you. He just flicks his wings to his side and scratches behind an ear with his mech leg. His smooth white fur is spotless except for a blue tear mark and soft, baby blue tinging on the forehead and scruff. You stick a hand out and he sniffs it for a moment, then stands and ambles off into a large dog house in the corner. You step out of the kennel, taking a moment to admire the gold plated name plate that reads "Folken" before returning to the main kennel office.

Name: Kartenya's Brother of a Lord
Call: Folken
ID: MK32am
Sex: Male
Mutations: Mech Arm, Teardrop tattoo below right eye, Black Draconian wings
Purchased for: 200GP

Kreedan's Pit

The Mal'sin are (c) to Kreedan and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.