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Liquid Flame Kennels

You step into the kennel's main office and glance around. The desk in the corner is neat and well organized with books stacked up against the wall. Papers sit in folders in a small stack and a stamp of some kind is sitting on the corner of the desk. The faint barking of dogs can be heard just outside the main office. After a few moment, someone walks in.

"ello there, you here to adopt one of our dogs?" The woman asks in a slightly choppy and hard to understand english. It takes you a moment to understand what she says, but you nod after you do understand. The woman nods and twirls a bit of bluish-green hair around a finger, then turns to the door off to the side. She opens it and looks expectantly at you.

"Male are down that way and the females are the other way. The birthing kennels are off by themselves so we'll have to go outside to get to them."

Birthing Kennels

Kimmers Kennel

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