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The woman leads you down a corridor towards the male kennel. You can hear a dog yapping and whining as you approach, rattling the fence as he jumps up to see who's coming.

The woman smiles and opens the fenced in area and a large male bounds out, his bobbed tail wagging furiously. The dog yips and jumps before you, tounge lolling out.

The woman beems and scratches the dog behind the ears.
"This is Spirit, our first dog to come to the kennels and the first male we have. He's a wonderful sire for our pups because of his coloring and his temperment."
Spirit whines and scratches at the ground, wanting some more attention. The woman laughs and scratches the dog again.
"As you can see, he's quite playful..though he's a bit too big for some. I think he's a doll though."
Another dog bounces over, wagging his tail a mile a minute.

The keeper smiles.
"Ah, this is Starlight's Turning Silver. He's our only other male at this time. He's a bit more docile than Spirit but he's just as affectionate."
Silver sits down and gives you a doggy grin.
"If you're ready to go, we can head back to the main office."

Name: Kimmers Spirit of Giving
Gender: Male

Size: L,M (Large)
Tail: Ss,Ss (Short & short haired)
Ears: Ss,Ss (Short & Standing Up)
Coat: Ss,Ss (Short & Standing)
Mutation N,y (No)

Name: Starlight's Turning Silver
Gender: Male

Size: M,s (Medium)
Tail: Lf, Lf (Long & Fluffy)
Ears: Ls,Ss (Medium & Standing Up)
Coat: Lt,Lt (Long & Thick)
Mutation N,N (No)

Kimmers Kennel

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