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The woman leads you down a corridor towards the female kennel. You can hear dogs yapping and whining as you approach, rattling the fence as they jumps up to see who's coming.

The woman smiles and opens the fenced in area and two females bound out. They both jump up beside you, looking for any treats their keeper or yourself might have brought them.

The first is smaller than the other, with dark colored fur and brown eyes. The female sits down at your side and offers a paw in handshake. You kneel and oblige.
"This is Altair Staring at The Sun, also known as Sunny. She was purchased from Altair kennels and is the first female to come here."
Sunny yips and stands up, then runs back into her kennel. The other female watches, tail wagging.
"This one is Spirit Cove's Hand of Death. She was won in an auction awhile back."
The black female flicks a yellow-banded ear and pounces a rubber ball off in the corner.

The other female is brightly colored in orangish-red and stripes of black, resembling a tiger. She barks at you, ears perked forward with curiousity.

"This is Ch. Kimmers Eye of the Tiger, a mutated female. We call her Tiger around here."
Tiger whines and sticks her head back into her kennel, looking for her friend. She sees her and bounces inside to play a game of tug-of-war with a scrap of rope.
"She recently entered a few dog shows and has earned the tile of Champion. There are two of her ribbons up there," she says as she points to a 1st place and a 2nd place ribbon.

Name: Altair Staring at the Sun
ID#: AL1F2
Gender: Female

Size: M,S (Medium)
Tail: Ls,Sf (Medium length, medium fluff)
Ears: Ss,lf (Medium and half flopped)
Coat: Lt,Ss (Medium and Thick)
Mutation N,y (No)

Name: Spirit Cove Hand of Death
Parents: Kimmers Mystery in Black x Kimmers Lady in Love
Gender: Female

Size: M,s (Medium)
Tail: Lf,Ls (Long and Fluffy)
Ears: Ls,Ss (Nulled by mutation)
Coat: Ss,Sc (Short and Straight)
Mutation y,y* (yes and strange coat coloring )

Name: Kimmers Eye of the Tiger
ID#: KL5F1c
Gender: Female

Size: L,L (Large)
Tail: Lf,Lf (Long and Fluffy)
Ears: Ss,Ss (Short and Straight)
Coat: Lt,Sf (Medium and Thick)
Mutation N,y* (No, but a special y gene has affected the coat)

Kimmers Kennel

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