You step through the door and walk down a short hallway, then enter the first door you come to. The door is clearly labeled "Males" so you assume it safe to open. The door leads to a room that is partially open to the outside and you realize that the room is actually more like a porch with a fenced in yard.

The first canine you run into is very different from what you expected. His coloring is a wonderful mix of white and brownish colors but his body is topped with three heads! He reminds you of a Cerberus, the three-headed canine that lives in the underworld. The canine stares at you from his corner of the room, each head expressing a different opinion on your arrival. One looks rather interested in your arrival while the middle doesn't really care at all. The third lays back its ears and bares its fangs at you. You decide not to approach the dog, reguardless of how the canine's tail wags in a friendly manner and how wistful the friendly head looks. You grab the nearest chew toy and toss it in the dog's direction, causing it to pounce onto it and begin chewing with alternating heads.
Little Cerberus
A soft whimper and the sound of something being dragged alerts you of another dog's presence. This one is also oddly mutated, more so than the first. The dog's crimson upper half is mostly normal with the exception of enlarged fangs and a mane of sorts going down the neck but the lower half completely different. The dog is lacking hind legs of any kind and the tail is mostly scaley, colored a dark greenish brown. The mane continues down from the neck to the tip of the tail and he basically looks like a snake/dog mix. The dog whimpers again and then rubs his head against your leg. You scratch the dog behind his ears, causing the dog to emit hiss-like sounds of pleasure. No other dogs are in sight, so you assume that these two are the only males at this time. You give the snake dog a final scratch, then return to the main office.
Python's Coil

These dogs are (c) to Obi and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.
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