You walk down the hallway and stop in front of the second door you come to. It's clearly marked "Females" so you see no reason why you can't go in. You look about the room you just entered and see a large, furry, white bundle of fur laying on a blanket in the corner. It whimpers and an ear twitches as the dog wakes up and looks up at you with bright, curious eyes.
Snowbound Mystery
The female cocks her head to the side, then emits a loud bark. Her large husky tail wags furious as she bounds over to you. You allow her to sniff you hand, then scratch the dog behind the ears. The dog's tounge lolls out and she leans into your fingers. As you scratch, you look about for any more dogs.

A white and grey dog approaches you, wagging her large, furry tail in a friendly manner. A small butterfly hovers above the dogs head, then lands on her ear.
You pet the dog's soft fur, watching her reaction to the butterfly. She tosses her head a little, causing the butterfly to take to the air again for a moment, then land on the dog's nose.
Lady Butterfly

These dogs are (c) to Obi and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.
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