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Cabbile Meadows

The portal opens and allows you to step out, zipping closed just as your other foot exits it. You look around the meadow, catching sight of two creatures that are lounging in the grass.

Name: BlackHeart
ID: cab161
Species: Cabbile
Gender: Male
Parents: Unknown
Color: Black Alley
Notes: Anti-Valentine's Day

They stare at you warily, flicking their fluffy tails nervously. You approach them slowly, speaking softly to them. The cabbile with the fire coat growls a little and bristles up while the black hisses and makes a run for it.

Name: Flare
ID: cab154
Species: Cabbile
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown
Color: N/A
Notes: Fire elemental

You back up, trying to calm down the remaining cabbile but she continues to hiss. Lacking any other ideas, you exit in the nearest portal.

The Cabbilery

Cabbiles are (c) Jaguara and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.