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Tigra Song Aviary

You step through the door into a glass-encased aviary where you can hear yelps and chirps of all kinds coming from trees and vines that climb the all of the enclosure. You wait for awhile...five minutes...ten minutes...then finally you see something. A hanryo male steps out, ears pricked up and expression wary. He sniffs the air, then scampers off into a bush. You notice a tag around his foreleg that reads "Roan Ranger" but other than that, he is a rather plain griff.

You stand in silence for a few moments until a blur of white, red and black flys by. It's a very heavily tattooed griffon. All you manage to see is the metal wing tag that reads "Specially Marked."

Soon the two tire of your presence so they disappear back into the trees.

Hanryo are (c) to DragonSpyrit and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.