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Tigra Song Aviary

You walk into a small office, looking for the Hanryos. There isn't much in the office; a small desk, a fan, a bookcase, and a stack of papers is all you see. You move to the desk, trying to find signs of life but the examination of the desk clues you in to the rather deserted state of the office.

**Welcome Visitor! You are now in Tigra Song Aviary, a place that houses, breeds, and promotes the species known as Hanyros. Hanyros are a canine/avian mix that come in many different shapes and can be bred to achieve the perfect mix for a possible adopter. While we do sell them, we are not the creators of the Hanryo species. To purchase a Hanryo, you must be a member of the Marketplace and customs may only be purchased from dragonspyrit there.

If you would like to view the members of this aviary, you may do so at this time. We ask that you do not feed, take, nor harm these animals or we will have to close our operation here. Thank you and enjoy your stay**

Now that you are clued into what is going on, you decide what you would like to do.

Hanryo are (c) to DragonSpyrit and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.