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Minigryph Ridge

The portal opens and you step out a large ledge with plant-life sprouting from the cracks. There are brightly colored butterflies here and there and you can see small furry mammals of some kind skittering out of sight. You don't see any birds like you'd expect but you can see a brightly colored creature with a santa hat perched on a branch. It chirps and blinks it's bright black eyes, then hops down to a lower branch to get a better view of you. Soon another, this one with blackish wings and swirly colored fur, joins the first. They flutter their wings and cheep.
Elten, Male, UnmatedAisoku, Male, Unmated
"I see the portals got you here safely!" a voice calls out behind you. You can see JadeEye pushing through the shrubbery, bits of leaves stuck in her mane.
The two creatures chirp and glide down from their perch, landing beside JadeEye. She stoops and gives them a scratch behind the ears.
"These two are the boys of the Aerie. The one with the hat is Elten and the other is Aisoku, which means "cute boy". They are both Minisaizu"
The two chirp and bounces up and down, then Elten trills and hops into the brush. After a few moments, he returns with two more of his kind.
Ashes, Female, UnmatedRipTide, Female, Unmated
The other two, females, are colored in swirls of color. The first is a shy one, white, red, and black in coloring. She peeks from behind a small bush branch and eyes you. The other, a bolder purple, blue, and black colored one, hops over to you, inspects you foot, then trills. The two males skitter over to the females and they disappear into the brush. You hear a loud splash and the sound of water hitting stones. JadeEye laughs. "Off for a swim I suppose. The red and black female was Ashes and the other was RipTide. They're a relatively new species here, the minisaizu gryphs that is."
You nod and look around.
Before you go, another gryph hops out into view. His wings and tail are sparkly but his legs are the surprise. He has horse hooves! The male grins at you, then cheeps and disappear back where he came from, nearly bumping into a black male with mop-feathers. They both disappear together.
Blackie, Male, UnmatedShastra, Female, Unmated
"The hippogryph is Shastra. He was won in an auction awhile back. His mutations are horse hooves and a colored beak." JadeEye says, smiling. "The black is Blackie...a purchase from another Aerie."

She looks around, then shrugs.
"If you wanna move on, you can. You've seen them all." ^^;

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