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IvyArbor Aviary

JadeEye leads you through a small door into a small office type room. There is another door on the other side of the office made entirely of glass. You can see plants of all kinds through the etched glass and small colorful shapes flitting to and fro.

JadeEye smiles and walks over to a small table off in the corner. Small leather bound books are stacked neatly against the wall and a few small perches sit on the edge of the desk. You can see a large wooden sign writen in calligraphy and you move forward to see what it says.

Wild Wild's Direction (Cardinal)
Wild Wild's Frost
Wild Wild's Carnival
Elemental Wild's Inferno

Raspberries Dawn's Passion
Wild Wild's Mist
Wooden Arrow's Moss
Wooden Arrow's Double
Wild Wild's Tidal Shoreline
Tangerine Constellation's Eclipse
Wild Wild's Flyby
JadeEye nods once you finish.
"Those are the resident birds we keep here. If you'd like, you may enter the Aviary and find them. Oh yes, I forgot! Our newest male is in here right now. We're trying to see what female he should be bred with..."
She walks over to a window and whistles. A large, literally fiery male swoops in and lands on the desk. He trills and flares his wings, brushing you with his fire. Surprisingly, you can't feel any heat at all.

"He's one of a kind, an elemental. His name is Elemental Wild's Inferno. He was purchased by my friend Myrror and was given to me."
Inferno trills again and cocks his head, then struts around on the desk. Jade laughs.
"Perhaps you'd like to see the others now."

Adopt Your Own

The birds are (c) to Adlana and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.